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Stop Loss, LLC provides high quality annual fire safety surveys and installation of UL Tested Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Our experienced team offers services for single-family residences, multi-family residences, town homes and condos.

Annual Compliance
Periodic Smoke Alarm & Property Survey:

The Stop Loss Periodic Smoke Alarm & Property Survey started it all. Our flagship survey, a mixture of fire safety and preventative maintenance observations, coupled with smoke and carbon monoxide compliance is delivered to the Property Manager or Landlord in a comprehensive online report. By taking our experience from the fire service and working directly with property managers, we developed the most comprehensive report of its kind to help protect lives and property, and help reduce liability for all involved in the residential rental process.

By allowing Stop Loss trained inspectors to conduct your "boots on the ground" rental property surveys, you can focus your team's time and energy into growing and managing your business. From scheduling with your tenant to in person property surveys and easy to access digital reports, Stop Loss will handle it all. Simply assign properties to Stop Loss for survey and we handle the rest. Protect yourself, your properties, your tenants, and your owners by having Stop Loss ensure fire safety compliance.

Download sample Periodic Smoke Alarm & Property Survey
Annual Compliance
Periodic Maintenance Survey:

At Stop Loss our goal is to take the workload off the Property Manager or Landlord by continuing to grow our custom line of services. We listened to our clients and built a custom Periodic Maintenance Survey that provides a detailed assessment of the property condition. Whether used as a lease renewal survey or a periodic survey, this report will show details and information about the entire property inside and out.

The Periodic Maintenance Survey focuses on every room in the house as well as the exterior of the residence. Composed of a combination of safety concerns, overall care, and maintenance of the property, this survey can be used to generate work orders, decrease vacancies, and increase revenue. Property Managers can now view the property from anywhere in real time and better manage the residence.

Download sample Periodic Maintenance Survey
Annual Compliance
Move in/out Survey:

Great documentation is a vital key to any successful business… especially when performing rental property move in or move out inspections. Thorough inspection processes along with accurate detailed documentation are crucial to a successful turn process. Stop Loss has accomplished exactly that by partnering with Property Managers.

Our fine-tuned process frees up valuable time, giving Property Managers the freedom to focus on more important aspects of their business. Our trained inspectors will survey the residence and provide a detailed report that is available 24/7 through your Stop Loss portal. From start to finish, we handle everything from scheduling through the final report. You, the property manager, can view your property reports from anywhere while more efficiently managing your portfolio.

Download sample Move in/out Survey
What we observe:
Smoke Alarms
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Entry/Egress Access
All Gas Appliances
Oil Heat Sources
Visible Electrical Hazards
Portable Heat Sources
HVAC Vent Inspection
Stove & Range Hoods
Dust/Lint Buildup Dryer
Smoking Areas
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Helping protect your investment

Stop Loss Fire Safety Surveys and Smoke/CO Alarm Installation can help protect your property from catastrophic fire. Most don’t realize that once a fire is extinguished, the pain doesn’t stop and the true work begins. The average single family home takes anywhere from six months to a year to fully recover from a fire.

Stop Loss, LLC Fire Safety Surveys and Smoke/CO Alarm installation can help protect your property from catastrophic damage.

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